Analyze your tongue

Take a selfie of your tongue and get your health score

Yoga and Exercise plan

Personalized Yoga and Exercise based on your health goals and your tongue health

Personal diet plan

Get a diet plan based on your health goals and your tongue health

Improve your health

Follow your personalized health suggestions and get fit



What is the Lola App?

Lola is a standout amongst the best health app for android phones. Lola implies tongue in Sanskrit. Use it to get your wellness score alongside an essential examination, and proper diet and lifestyle for staying healthy for remaining sound. Return routinely to follow your wellness journey and remain fit!


How does this app work?

This app asks you some basic questions to understand you from a holistic perspective, along with your tongue photo. It then uses traditional medicine-based knowledge along with image processing and AI to calculate your health score, and to provide recommendations.


How accurate is this?

The app has been tested on hundreds of users so far. Although the app is not a replacement for medical diagnosis, it has been shown to give a reasonable idea of one’s health. The recommendations given by the app are based on improving your long-term health, as they are based on holistic traditional medical sciences focussed on preventive healthcare.


How can you tell me so much about my health by knowing so little about me?

You will be surprised to know that some basic questions reveal a lot about your physiogeny, which in turn gives a fair idea of your health. Also, your tongue is a reasonable proxy of your inner health, especially the gut system and your hydration levels. By analyzing the dryness or wetness of the tongue, along with other parameters such as deposits and characteristics of the tongue, we are able to get some indicators of your health, and how to fix them.