About us

Lola is one stop solution for those of you who want to stay motivated to keep fit, healthy and stick to a healthy diet. Lola is a goal oriented data-driven AI-based based app which uses predictive algorithms to provide you the personalized diagnosis and recommendations for better health. It is one of the most accurate mobile apps to monitor your health using your tongue picture. Join us in the journey to become healthy by taking your tongue picture and monitoring your health.

Lola app combines technology with traditional ayurveda by using AI approach to find out your health condition through a simple test by taking a tongue picture. We analyze the dryness, crack and whiteness in your tongue which in turn helps us understand the health condition of the person taking the tongue test. This test is an exceptional way not only to monitor health but also take preventive measures to live a healthy life based on our diet and lifestyle recommendations specifically designed for you depending on your health condition.