Best Nutritional Hacks

Best Nutritional Hacks

Hacks referred by Miss Bhargavi Patel ( Wellness Coach & Nutritionist with a passion towards a healthy diet & lifestyle)

               “Modern man is frantically trying to earn enough to buy things he’s too busy to enjoy!”- Frank A. Clark.

Foodie? Living this quote in reality? Too busy to take out time to track what you’re eating? Well then here are some “Nutritional Hacks” that might help solve your problems. Keep reading…..!

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Stop Paying the “Pharmacy”, Instead  Start Paying the “Farmacy”

When we start investing more on fresh vegetables and fruits, there might come one day when we will stop paying pharmacy stores for our health. Including fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily eating schedule is very important as it takes care of almost 3/4th of your health and health-related aspects, by providing loads of macro and micro minerals.

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Drink Fluids Wisely

Want to control your food intake as your meal is pretty oily or unhealthy, but not able to? Fluids like buttermilk, lassi, soups, sometimes water, can help you do so! Try having a glass of buttermilk before starting with your meal, avoid having fluids in the middle of meals. 

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Avoid Skipping Meals

Try not to skip meals as it affects your biological clock, and give rise to problems like acidity leading to migraines, constipation, insomnia & laziness. When you skip a meal, your body & cells crave for food, & then you tend to hog whatever you see, uncontrollably.

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Think, What Am I Eating? 

It’s very important for what you choose. Try replacing refined flour with whole-grain flour. Replace aerated drinks with Natural fruit juice, kokum sharbat. Use Dates & honey instead of Sugar while preparing Indian desserts. You can add millets to your diet as well!  

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Too Busy To Prepare?

As “Quick” is today’s Mantras. One can try making recipes with just 3-4 ingredients, like oats dosa, stuffed vegetable rolls, Paneer/ tofu vegetable balls, our dearest internet is always at our rescue!

Take Away Tip

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