Features of the app

The lola app uses the combination of ayurveda and the modern technology for providing the accurate results related to your inner health.

The app is based on a holistic approach which captures your tongue image & analyse it through Artificial intelligence on the principles of tongue analysis approach applied in Ayurveda and traditional medicine.

When can the app be used?

  • The Lola app can be used to prevent and cure lifestyle diseases.


  • It can be used by people looking for a companion to hold on with them in their weight loss journey,


  • People who are looking for the treatment of hyperacidity and want to reduce acidity naturally should use the Lola app regularly.


  • Those of you in search of an app that helps you maintain a natural skin tone by reducing the oily skin and related problems would also be benefited by the app.


  • People who believe in the following healthy lifestyle and looking for a consistent health tips and lifestyle recommendations should consider downloading the Lola app.


What does our app provides?

  • Your health status according to your body constitution and current health state analysed through your tongue picture.


  • Effortless weight loss plan.


  • A way to reduce acidity naturally.


  • Recommendations to maintain your natural skintone.


  • Health suggestions to keep you fit & Healthy.


  • Proper diet chart for reaching your health goal.


  • Yoga,music & water recommendations according to your tongue analysis & body composition.