Foods that heal

Foods that heal

As referred by Miss Medha Pandhare. ( A wellness coach & a nutritionist who is enthusiastic about food & sports nutrition & and wishes to spread nutritional basics to the grassroots of the community.)

In a world full of chemical medicines and treatments traditional remedies are the ones which we can always trust. The foods you eat can help you to prevent and manage symptoms. It is better to get nutrients from the food, rather than taking supplements.

Here are some tasty ways to make your recovery phase better:

  1. Ragi (finger millet).
  • Ragi is sweet in taste, light, warming, easy to digest.
  • It is used as ‘food medicine’ in diabetes, excess weight, excess Kapha (mucous) conditions.
  • It can be eaten in the form of porridge, paysam, dosa, bhakari, etc.

  1. Moong Dal (Green/Yellow gram dal)
  • Moong dal is given tremendous importance in ayurveda as it can be eaten whole year and by people of all types of prakruti.
  • It helps in healing of wounds & is advised in eye disorders.
  • It reduces heartburn, skin rash due to its sheeta (cooling) property.
  • It helps in throat disorders and maintains the health of thyroid gland.
  • Moong dal can be eaten as plain dal, dosa

  1. Methi Seeds (Fenugreek Seeds)
  • Methi Seeds are warming, bitter & pungent taste spice.
  • Its use improves digestion & is also useful for skin and hair.
  • Its can be eaten by soaked or in the powdered form (added in dals, sabji, etc)

  1. Ghee (Clarified Butter)
  • Ghee anupana (catalytic agent), which has the ability to drive the healing properties of the herbs down into the tissues. This enhances their effectiveness in the healing process.
  • It improves digestion, possesses anti-inflammatory agents making this a necessary medicine for allergies, arthritis and autoimmune conditions.
  • It is used in various preparations as cooking oil.

  1. Haldi (Turmeric)
  • In Ayurveda turmeric is believed to balance three dosha’s (pitta, kapha, vata).
  • It can be used for bleeding disorders, infections, indigestion,
  • It decreases Kapha (mucus in the throat), fever, diarrhea

It is said that ‘Your food should be your medicine & your medicine should be food’ that’s why the diet given in the Lola App makes sure that these foods are included on the daily basis.




Pabla Iraz is the health & wellness blogger & editor at the Lola app, she oversees the blog sections of the website. She has spent her career as a Business analyst and currently focused on health and wellness domain—from teaming up with certified nutritionists to create diet & lifestyle plans, to reporting on health trends, to working on the functionalities of the Lola app. She’s a BITS Pilani graduate & holds a masters degree from BITS Pilani in Biotechnology. She understands the importance of integrating technology with traditional healthcare practices in order to make everyone’s life healthier. Learn more about her @thelolaapp.com.

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