How to lose weight effortlessly: Some simple dietary tips

How to lose weight effortlessly: Some simple dietary tips

A lot of us are really conscious about our health. But whenever we start following a particular diet or fitness regime it only lasts for some days and then we lose the excitement we started with. The most probable cause of this bounce back is the lack of belief in achieving our fitness goal and also being unclear about what we are eating is really healthy and right? One more issue we face is to change our lifestyle and diet pattern completely and set a new habit for achieving new fitness goal which is not a simple task to do. This can get even more difficult for first time mothers. We all must be on the same line in accepting the fact that cooking healthy meals is a complicated task in our day to day life compared to consuming available options which are processed and ready-made. But these have really negative effects on our health & weight. So let us give you some well known yet  new recommendations for eating right in order to maintain your weight. Just shifting to locally available, fresh stuff each day is the first simplest step to start eating right….Come let’s walk the way to do this, starting from Today….Here are some tips which will help you to maintain your weight and gradually reduce your weight  naturally in case you are overweight:

  • Colour your plate each day with colors from the shinning rainbow:

A palette of colors brightens your eyes as does a plate full of food. A good way to give all required Vitamins & mineral load daily is by adding veggies and fruits (seasonal) locally available in good quantities in all your meals. Load your breakfast cereals with crunch of veggies & bowl full of fruits. A cup full of vegetable soup/stew will be a great accompaniment in lunch/dinner. Ditch your snacks menus and replace it with a  bowl of salad and fruits.

  • Choose simpler version and combinations of foods from your basket/pantry:

Shop from locally grown, simple to use fruits and vegetables daily for your food preparation.Combine simple cereals with vegetables to convert the same old meals into hot gruel or porridge of choice. Load your tummies with light and easy to prepare recipes. Be a chef of your kitchen and give your family best from the rest.

  • Watch your bowls, plates, mugs, glasses before you eat, think of the quantity that suits you best:

Take smaller size bowls and plates and resize your cereals, fat, & sweet intake. Go easy on your salad bowls, dals (no oil), whole fruits (cut). Change the size of your plate and always fill in your plate by yourself to avoid over consuming.

  • Get steady with your timings at each meal everyday:

Create a  particular time frame  in a day for each meal to get best results.Block your mind cells to No Breakfast beyond 10:00AM, Less on Lunch after 2:00PM, A big No-No to snacks/tea/coffee more than once in a day, Go light on your tummy after 8:00PM

  • Ditch your urge for that hot cup of masala chai or sizzling mug of coffee:

Move out of your cravings for a cup of tea/coffee step-by-step and replace them to a cup of warm water with lemon/ warm milk with turmeric/warm water with rose petals/saffron to give yourself that shot of antioxidants.

  • Boost your plate with simple whole spices & nuts:

Choose on whole spices (cumin seeds, coriander, rosemary, basil, peppercorns, ginger, garlic) as dry rubs to season your starches (potatoes, breads, roti, rice) and meats (boneless chicken/mutton/egg.whites) instead of oils and salt. Combine your salad and fruit bowls with a dash of whole dried-fruits (black raisins, roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted sunflower seeds, almonds (unsalted), dry figs & dates.

  • Go green at least once a week:  

Eat guilt free with goodness of fresh greens, fruits and goodness of sprouts you like at each meal. Combine your dals, grains with gorgeous greens (spinach, coriander, cabbage, fenugreek, broccoli, asparagus, avocados)

  • Hydrate your body daily:

Load your DNA with at least 8-10 glasses of luke warm water infused with different fresh ingredients or just sip in a lot of plain water with each meal on the go. Walk to your water dispenser and do not forget to refill at regular intervals.

  •  Sleep light each night:

Go light on your tummy each night, opt for fresh vegetables combined with grains and dals and load your senses with goodness of soups, stews, gruel with the same. Sleep light each night to shine bright next morning with rising sun.

good sleep

  • Go easy on yourself:

Don’t get stressed if you don’t follow each step everyday. Try to stay calm & focused and choose what is best suitable for you. Stay guilt free, talk to your close ones, look for help whenever necessary & most importantly don’t ape others- Stay Natural and be you!!!

These are some of the the simple dietary tips to lose weight naturally. Following these ideas and suggestions you would be able to start a journey towards being fit. If you are looking for more personalized diet and lifestyle suggestions and a companion who can help you in maintaining health without disturbing our daily routine please feel free to look at the Lola app(https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.atreyainnovations.sparkapp) which is available on android phones. It would be a great tool to help you in achieving your fitness goal in an incremental way without disturbing your everyday schedule.



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