alcohol and sleep

alcohol and sleep

Shruti Kulkarni

Shruti Kulkarni, PhD candidate, MS (Public Health), BSc (Foods & Nutrition) is an accomplished Nutrition Specialist; she is a doctoral candidate in Gerontology, Certified Diabetes Educator & Counsellor and a Consulting Nutritionist. As a vivid scholar, researcher & educator; Shruti is published in some international journals and conferences in India and abroad in the field of Public Health and Gerontology.
Her work focuses primarily on providing insights towards enhancing the lifestyle in an innovative and personalised manner. She understands the need to find insights for different issues by providing personalised, scientific and doable inputs in your daily life. With her immense knowledge and vision of optimal health and well-being, she helps one learn ways to identify and navigate around the obstacles and barriers between what really matters to you, when adhering to a wellness goal. In a nutshell, Shruti believes in a holistic approach towards achieving your personal health and wellness goals with a need of change in one’s health behavior through Nutrition advice and counseling. Learn more about her@thelolaapp.com.

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