keto diet

keto diet

Shilpa Devanhalli

Dr. Shilpa Devanhalli, BAMS, MS, RDN, is American board certified registered dietitian nutritionist and winner of the prestigious, “Woman of Promise Award” & “ Amy Rextrew Award” from University of Delaware. Dr. Shilpa is among most qualified experts practicing integrative nutrition therapy in the country and only nutrition specialist to have associate membership from American Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics and Delaware Dietetic Association.

In current epidemic of chronic diseases and obesogenic environment, Dr. Shilpa has passion for prevention. She believes that every person is unique and requires individualized dietary and lifestyle approach to achieve health. Through blogs, with her philosophy to empower people to get control of their health, Dr. Shilpa constantly appeals her audience to rethink their diets and lifestyles.

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