Lola diet plan


As we all are aware, eating right foods and following healthy lifestyle is a key to wellness. Internet is also flooded with health information telling you about all kinds of diets and lifestyles, making it even more difficult to find what really works for you.


Not knowing what really works for you is not the only issue but also consistently committing to the change is challenging. As you may have already experienced, it’s not an easy task to entirely change your diet and lifestyle for long duration. Motivation may help you initiate the process of change but only habit formation will help you to achieve your health goals and maintain it for long duration.


As Lola health app, we are not only give you personalized scientific diet and lifestyle recommendations based on integrating modern research with holistic approach but  also provide proper structure to support behavior change required to achieve your health goals.


Our meal plans are incremental in nature and are distributed in 3 stages (Detox, Macro-reset, and Health-tuneup).  In first stage, you will only compliment your current diet with some healthier choices but by the end of third stage your entire diet will be healthier. This gradual change will eliminate the stress of making all the dietary changes at once.


Our recommendation are small enough so it can easily be incorporated in your current lifestyle, and also are crucial enough, if stacked in incremental manner will help you achieve your health goals.

What to expect during 3 stages of meal plan?


1) Detox - In this stage,we will help you to eliminate toxins from your body and regulate your cravings by supplementing your current diet with healthier choices of fresh fruits and vegetables. Also addition of infused water with herbs and spices will not only improve your hydration status but also will help you to achieve detox.


2) Macro-reset – In this next stage of meal plan, we will focus on improving macro-nutrients (carbohydrates and fats) choices, making it easier to achieve your health goals.


3) Health-tune up – In this stage, we will continue with the small changes made in first two stages and will also work on improving overall diet quality by adding goodness of plant protein and fibers. This stage will not only help you to achieve the health goals but also to maintain it for long duration.