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Our Approach


We aim to help you in providing reliable reliable health and wellbeing information straight on your smartphones.


There is vast information about health & wellness available on the internet, magazines, social media which creates a lot of confusion. We help in reducing misinformation by providing personalized health analysis, diet plan, and lifestyle recommendations. and want to support you in making sensible decisions about your health.


You can find health information as per your body composition in minutes on our health-related FREE-to-download mobile app:

You can obtain up-to-date health score - 24/7, on-the-go with easy to use app.


The app will help you to increase your confidence level about your health & also help you in getting educated about healthy habits, nutritional facts, and a better lifestyle.


Our Story

It is said that some of the greatest experiences in life happen by accident – and our founder Dr. Aniruddha Joshi’s journey is a testimony to that.


In 2003, his father had a neurological problem that was being treated by an allopath. “Someone recommended an Ayurvedic doctor from Pune and the results proved to be fruitful. This led in  increase in his belief in Ayurveda by leaps and bounds.


Dr. Joshi's father is an expert in fluid dynamics and he felt that the ‘nadi’ that Ayurvedic doctors feel to make a diagnosis, had some connection with fluid dynamics. He asked Dr. Joshi to explore this angle.”In 2015, Dr. Joshi launched his company Atreya Innovations after years of research and ideation. He developed an artificial intelligence tool that helps generate an automatic report card after a person’s ‘nadi’ is examined by this gadget.( https://www.naditarangini.com/)


While doing research for Naditarangini and exploring Ayurveda he realized that the tongue is the mirror image of health which can tell a lot about a person's inner health. His inquisitiveness in Ayurveda and knowledge in artificial intelligence along with help from expert ayurvedic doctors, nutritionists led to the development of The Lola app.It uses the combination of traditional knowledge and Artificial intelligence to analyze and monitor a persons health.

Meet our Founder


Dr. Joshi is a Ph.D. (Computer Science) holder from IIT Bombay, B.E. from VESIT, Mumbai. He has  13 years of research experience on pulse patterns with 25 technical papers in pattern recognition and machine learning. He finds his passion in innovation & has developed and launched 6 products with 3 patents to his credit. He has received several national-level awards  & fellowships for his innovation.


Aniruddha believes that you have to be the change you want to see. He has finally found his true calling. Even though he was offered a scientist position at a premier research lab, against everyone’s advice, he started his own venture. His fun-loving and cheerful disposition is in complete contrast to one’s image of a scientist. His unusually calm and balanced temperament instantaneously diffuses stress in any environment.


Our expert panel


Dr. Shruti Kulkarni


Shruti Kulkarni is an accomplished Nutrition Specialist, Certified Diabetes Educator & Counsellor and a Consulting Nutritionist. She believes in a holistic approach towards achieving your personal wellness goals with a need for change in one’s health behavior through counseling.


Dr. Tejaswwini S Bhale


Dr. Tejaswwini S Bhale-Borse is Ayurveda Physician, Educator, and Consultant with expertise in Nadi pariksha and Panchakarma.  She is practicing for 16 years in a holistic way to bring health and balance in everyone's mind, soul and body systems. She strongly believes in collaborating the ancient science of wisdom with today's era of technology.