Superfoods in Indian Cooking

Superfoods in Indian Cooking

Superfoods are natural foods that contain a hefty amount of raw nutrition and are highly active in various phytochemical and flavonoid compounds. It is a nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich, natural-food product that is minimally processed and bioavailable in numerous, potent nutritive constituents. the secret foods for health vitality and weight loss lie in our own kitchens and backyards.

Why are superfoods important?

Superfoods are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Full of everything that is good for you, superfoods are dense in vitamins, protein, fiber and many of the other nutrients that our bodies need to help fight off disease and feel energized.

Superfoods that are used in Indian Cooking :
Desi ghee

Desi ghee is the most sought-after superfood by the Indian mothers, is not preferred by fat conscious young children because of its fatty nature. However, ghee has acquired superfood status all over the world because of its numerous benefits. If consumed regularly it is believed to boost the functioning of the brain, boost the immunity and also aid in digestion. Ghee can also prevent some cancers and strengthen bones.


Turmeric is an everyday spice in Indian household. This Indian superfood os used in nearly all parts of Indis in various dishes. It has become popular across the world for its health benefits and medical properties. It also makes a  dish much more delicious. The world has been swooning over “Turmeric latte” which is none other than our “Haldi wala Doodh” which Indian grannies use to make whenever one felt dizzy or sick. Turmeric has exceptional medical properties and anti-inflammatory benefits. It also helps in the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system, inhibits certain type of cancers and also helps in detoxification. Turmeric has been used as a spice and herb since thousands of years in India.


Amla, the Indian gooseberry is a translucent green colored fruit which helps in fighting the common cold, burns fat, and also builds immunity. This green fruit is full of essential vitamins and has unmatched antioxidant powder. Not only this, Amla helps in improving eye-sight manage chronic conditions and also provides relief in pain. As per Ayurveda, this Indian superfood nourishes and the respiratory system promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails. It helps in rejuvenation and also helps in regulating blood sugar levels. It is advised to consume Amla juice once in a day to remain fit, active and healthy.




Garlic has a lot of prominences in the Indian traditional life science – Ayurveda as well as in the currently prevalent Advanced Science. Garlic is full of antioxidants. It is an excellent herb for effective control of blood pressure. It will help in cleaning out your system and flushing the toxins. In fact, if you have an irritating cold or a cough, swallow one or two raw garlic cloves with warm water. Garlic also reduces acne. Using ginger-garlic paste sometimes in food preparation is an excellent way to maintain your health.


Ginger is a herb that has been used in Indian cooking as a condiment from time immemorial. Ginger murabba is a famous sweet in the South of India. It is acidic and that is why it causes irritation in the stomach if used in raw form. However, diluted ginger juice is a good remedy for correcting menstrual disorders in women. Osteoarthritis is now a common health problem among senior citizens. It involves degeneration of the joints in the body, leading to symptoms like joint pain and stiffness. An oil made from ginger, sesame and cinnamon can be externally applied to cure people of knee pain. 



 Coconut is consumed in various ways. Let’s start the list by coconut water which is fat-free has high ascorbic acid, proteins, and vitamin B. It is advised to consume coconut water before a workout for effective weight loss. It is also an excellent cooler as well as a detoxification agent. One can eat coconut, cook food by its oil, use the oil as a moisturizer for the body, for proper growth of hair. Coconut is making a comeback to daily cuisines and beauty regimes in a new form as this tantalizing food is now frequently used in desserts, sweets, recipes, and beauty products as well.



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